Working Papers

“Fiscal Rules and Municipal Debt in the 1920s” (with Samara Gunter)


“Firms, Fires, and Firebreaks: The Impact of the 1906 San Francisco Disaster on Business Agglomeration,” forthcoming. Regional Science and Urban Economics. [link]

“Debt and Taxes: Fiscal Strain and U.S. City Budgets during the Great Depression,” 2020. Explorations in Economic History, 76 (April). [link]

“Clean Slate: Land-Use Changes in San Francisco after the 1906 Disaster,” 2017. Explorations in Economic History, 65 (July): 1-16. [link]

“Razing San Francisco: The 1906 Disaster as a Natural Experiment in Urban Redevelopment,” 2015. Journal of Urban Economics, 89 (September): 48-61. [link]

Work in Progress

“The (Golden) Gated City: The Great Fire, the Cost of Zoning, and San Francisco Housing Prices” (with Devin Michelle Bunten)

“Municipal Governance and Spending in the Progressive Era”

“Explaining the Property Tax Revolts of the 1930s”

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