Work in Progress

  • “Ghost Towns and Big Cities: Historical Mining Districts and Economic Activity in the American West” (w/ Jason Dunn) [Under review]
  • “Municipal Socialism in the United States, 1900-1940” (w/ Tate Twinam)


  • “Debt Restrictions and Municipal Indebtedness in American Cities: Evidence from the Roaring Twenties” (w/ Samara Gunter), Journal of Institutional Economics, 18 (2022): 937-952. [link]
  • “Firms, Fires, and Firebreaks: The Impact of the 1906 San Francisco Disaster on Business Agglomeration,” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 88 (2021): 103659. [link]
  • “Debt and Taxes: Fiscal Strain and U.S. City Budgets during the Great Depression,” Explorations in Economic History, 76 (2020): 101328. [link]
  • “Clean Slate: Land-Use Changes in San Francisco after the 1906 Disaster,” Explorations in Economic History, 65 (2017): 1-16. [link]
  • “Razing San Francisco: The 1906 Disaster as a Natural Experiment in Urban Redevelopment,” Journal of Urban Economics, 89 (2015): 48-61. [link]

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